Voice is probably the most fundamental service to any business from the Sole Trader to a large Enterprise. Getting this right can make a large difference to the way you do business,  your success and the general feeling of your workforce. Maybe your system has evolved along with the business without a chance to review or consider other possibilities.
Perhaps now would be a good time to take a closer look at your system to see if it could be improved. We are happy to advise in any of the following areas.

Single phone line can be a wired connection from the exchange to a property. It can also very usefully be a local, national or international number to a property or directly to a mobile.
This latter facility is extremely useful and cost effective, all calls are recorded for as long as required. These numbers can be used on the same network between offices in the UK or country numbers abroad at zero cost.
This can allow a New York or London number for example to be picked up anywhere either on a mobile phone, an office desk phone or a switchboard.
Another use is for trades people to display a local landline number for business calls instead of using their personal mobile number.

Switchboard can be an office based device connected to the national telephone service managing calls from the office telephone network. This service is often connected
to the national carrier through 'isdn'. Newer and more flexible is a Hosted phone system which is cloud based and managed through a web portal. This option is perfect
for home workers or staff on the move where mobiles and fixed lines can be managed on the fly. Older ISDN can be brought up to date using SIP (see below).

ISDN is an old technology that can be expensive to maintain and use, moving to a cloud/hosted SIP solution can give many benefits. (see below)..
   ..Staff can work flexibly from wherever they want.
   ..No switchboard to maintain.
   ..No capital outlay.
   ..Better voice quality.
   ..Disaster recovery/business continuity inbuilt.
   ..Make changes, moves and additions instantly.
  .. Free calls between your offices.
   ..Save money.

SIP is a newer and better alternative to ISDN so if you wish to stay with a PBX/switchboard converting to SIP trunks is easy and very cost effective. Instead of routing your outbound and inbound traffic over copper to the local exchange the traffic goes over the Internet or dedicated data circuit.

Local and international phone numbers. It is now possible and very convenient to have local phone and international numbers set up in minutes to support regional offices, home workers or different departments. These numbers are then on one network and the call costs on net are free.

providing fixed and mobile convergence, more than one network from a single sim. Unexpected events like snow, floods, strikes etc need not disrupt business by integrating mobile and fixed line infrastructure this can become the key form of communication during such events.