Network, email and Mobile Security includes Secure Web gateway, Firewall and Universal threat Management. Secure wireless access points
Secure Endpoint management for mobile devices running Windows,iOS, Android and macOS. Fully encrypted email.

GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 two recent legal requirement with heavy financial and representational penalties impacting on most businesses including Sole Traders. We can advise and provide awareness training etc.

Secure collaboration increasingly businesses and colleagues need the ability to collaborate often in live time, this needs to be provided by very secure and responsive applications.

Internet of Things covers everyday objects, cars, sensors, embedded systems etc. This along with Machine to Machine communications requires a robust very secure platform to manage large volumes of traffic.

Identity and Access Management is a service used to securely control access to resources. You use this IAM to control who is authenticated and authorized to use resources. You only create one root user then you create IAM users with different privileges and levels of access.